Tuesday, July 21, 2015

New York City or Bust!

Scott Silverii and I are leaving for New York and ‪#‎rwa15‬ this morning. We have a packed week ahead with meetings and more meetings, with a side of a couple of workshops we're teaching. But we do get to have some fun and see Wicked tomorrow night, which I know Scott is secretly thrilled about because he has Broadway fever now. ‪#‎JazzHands4Ever‬
Scott and I both took our 5 Love Languages tests yesterday. I knew my love language was touch, which is why Scott has become such an awesome hugger over the last couple of years (and so many of you give him those spontaneous hugs now!). But Scott's love language was tricky for me to pin down, so he took the test yesterday and he's a quality time/acts of service kind of guy. So really, me buying tickets for us to go see Wicked fulfills both of these needs. #‎SeeWhatIDidThere‬
It's been an amazing week for me career wise. Opportunities have come my way that I never dreamed of (and none of which I can announce yet), but I never forget how very blessed I am in this life to keep getting to do what I love and continuously have doors opened for me. I sometimes have to stop and ask myself, "Is this real?" It turns out it is, so I'll just keep doing what I do and loving every minute of it. What makes it sweeter is that I get to share it with Scott and we get to travel the journey together.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Organization Procrastination

First of all, it should not excite me this much to have ordered 3 new whiteboards and dry erase markers from Amazon. Scott Silverii is much cooler than me and is probably not as excited that three large whiteboards will soon take up residence in our house.‪#‎DontTellHimIPickedOutNewFileCabinetsAndADeskToo‬
Second of all, I've got a book to finish, a formal dress to find that I don't hate, roots to be colored, a pedicure to get so I don't have velociraptor feet, and a suitcase to pack for RWA. If you've ever packed for RWA then you understand I should've started packing sometime last week. I have 5 days to accomplish these tasks. And 5 children to try and hinder any progress.‪#‎GameOn‬ ‪#‎WhenDoesSchoolStart‬
Lastly, I'm writing this post instead of working on my book because I'm not sure what happens next. ‪#‎TheProblemsWithPantsing‬ ‪#‎Procrastination‬

Friday, June 12, 2015

Celebrate by Unplugging

I'm unplugging for the weekend (mostly).
What a week! We've made it to the five day mark of marriage. It was a little surreal getting married last Sunday and then driving home with all five kids and my mom in the car. But our schedules are crazy and we didn't want to wait to get married until we could both find time off. We'd be waiting a long, long time.
So Scott and I both went back to work Monday, and continued to work all week. We do have a nice honeymoon planned to Italy for the end of the year, and we're really looking forward to that trip.
But we visited our pastor in the middle of the week to deliver him some extra wedding cake (I won't tag him because he says the worst thing that can happen on Facebook is to be tagged by Scott and Liliana because it's nothing but notifications). And he said something that drove home what I already knew in my heart, but needed to hear from someone else. He said, "Make sure you take time to celebrate your marriage. Because it's something worth celebrating."
It's easy to get caught up in schedules and work and children and family and laundry and building a house and running a business... The list of demands will always be there. And it'll always get bigger instead of smaller. But our pastor was right. Getting married is huge. Especially for two people who never thought they'd get married again. And we went right along with our schedules as if it were another day, the only difference being the bands around our fingers. And that does a disservice to each other and the lifelong commitment we've made to each other.
So I'm unplugging for the weekend. We can't get away to take a long trip right now, but we can take the weekend to close out the outside world and celebrate our marriage for a couple of days.
See you Monday!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Just Married!

We love cake. Especially wedding cake. ‪#‎JustMarried‬
Scott Silverii and I are excited to announce that we exchanged vows tonight in a surprise ceremony. Which amazingly enough, actually WAS a surprise. We staged it as an engagement party and then our pastor, Joshua Melancon, broke the news to everyone that we decided not to get engaged after all (The video of the surprise on everyone's faces is going to be epic. Can't wait to watch it). Then he told them they were at the wedding instead. It was an amazing evening and exactly how we envisioned, surrounded by our children, family, and lots of cake.
Scott and I have had an incredible journey that's led up to this day, and I'm thankful that I've been blessed with him and Max in my life. Thanks for letting us share part of our lives with you, and we're excited to start a new journey together now that we're married.